Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Changes: They Are A-Comin’

I woke up this morning dizzy as all get out. I have no idea why I’m dizzy. Maybe I need to eat some breakfast.

Anyway, you may or may not be curious as to what is happening with the Vermont house so I’ll give a little update.

With our vacation, listing the house took a bit longer than it should have. I’m sending the listing documents to the realtor today and the house should be listed by the end of the week. He said that houses are sitting on the market for an average of 7-8 months which is really not good for us. I’m also working with our mortgage company to try and stave off foreclosure on the house as long as possible. It really makes me feel like a loser, but at least I’m trying. As for the tenants, I really have no idea what they are up to at this point. They are trying to get away with paying November’s rent with their security deposit (which means that I got the privilege of paying part of November’s rent out of pocket) and it turns out that’s illegal so I have a rather surprising e-mail that I’m getting ready to send them. I’m just waiting for my lawyer to review it before I hit send. Even if I did use their deposit, with all the back utilities that they owe combined with the prorated rent they’ll owe from December, they still come up approximately $300 short and that’s not including cleaning and repair costs. They suck, they’re bigger losers than I am, and I hate them. A pox on them.

As for work, that’s pretty much the same unfortunately. I’m still waiting to hear from that second client I mentioned a few months ago. They were supposed to give me work this month but the economy is hitting everyone where it hurts, so I’m still not getting any hours from them. I understand, but it still sucks and waiting patiently is not a quality I possess.

We’ve already started telling family and the girls know, so I suppose I can mention it here now. The Mister is going on a deployment in the spring. No, we don’t know where yet but Iraq is not on the agenda. At least not at this point. He’s an airwinger and not a grunt so he’s safer than some. I don’t sweat deployments so neither should you.

Oh and one last thing. That friend of mine that I mentioned nine months ago that was having the baby, she’s scheduled for a c-section this morning. She’s 12 days overdue and pretty uncomfortable at this point. They nixed the weird name and went with something that sounds presidential but hopefully won’t get his ass kicked on the playground. I was relieved.

More changes are on the horizon but I’ll mention them at another time.


  1. Hi Trisha. Thinking of you. Hope the house situation works out for you.

  2. I hope the deployment doesn't take him too far away. =(

  3. Thanks Liz. I appreciate the good thoughts.

    Pam~~At this point, it's really uncertain but we're ready for anything.

  4. Hope things work out with the house. I remember paying rent plus a mortgage and it totally sucked (Funny that was while we were in Vermont). Glad to hear you're not sweating the deployment, hopefully it won't be a long one. We got good news that we are NOT moving to Missouri and I couldn't be happier :o)

  5. Yay!! I'm really happy for you guys. I know how much you didn't want to move again. That's great news.


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