Saturday, July 12, 2008

And The Curse Continues

Remember our cursed car? Well, we had an interesting near miss last night. We were driving home from Jacksonville around 8 o’clock. It’s pretty dark here that time of night but it was still a little daylight out. I was on my cell taking with my m-i-l when I looked up and saw this back car coming straight at us. Some fool in a black Mustang with NO headlights on was passing a car with way too little room. The Mister had to hit the brakes fast and hard enough to make the tires squeal. The car that was being passed slowed down too or we would have been in a head on collision. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to peeing myself out of terror. I had an instantaneous headache afterwards too. That Mustang was close enough to us that I could make out the horse and grill pattern on his front end. Highway 17 is a menace. I can’t count all the times I’ve seen cars try to pass other cars on that road with near disastrous results. Going the other direction to Greenville on 17, we actually saw a fatal car accident.

Anyway, back to the cursed car…I forgot to mention another near miss a couple weeks ago that we had in the Scion when the Mister and I were on the way home from Harris Teeter. We had a green light and the Mister was turning left through the intersection when he noticed a car coming that should have been stopping for the red but wasn’t even slowing down. Instead of turning, he had to hit the gas and go straight through the intersection into the parking lot across the street. That was a heart stopper too.

I’m really beginning to think that this car might actually be cursed and that we’re not just being paranoid, lol.


  1. How frightening! I am glad they were only near misses and not real accidents. It could be too that the curse is a good luck charm in the cases you mention--maybe it would have been worse if you had been in another car.

  2. LF~~That's the positive way of looking at it, lol. ;) This car just seems to attract trouble.

  3. Have your read Christine by Stephen King? Now that was a car with some issues.

  4. Yikes! Scary. Glad you are OK.

  5. Arlene~~I totally LOL'd at that. You're right. Christine had way more problems than our car does.

    Jaya~~Thanks. :)


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