Thursday, July 24, 2008

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My BTT answer this week would be “nope” so I’m skipping it again. Sorry.

Did I mention that we have a date for when the girls are coming home? My m-i-l and her husband are bringing them home on Aug 1. The Mister and I would have been  happy to have them home two or three weeks ago but since this is saving us a trip to Ohio, we’re not complaining. I miss the little buggers though. Yes, they’re loud, messy, and they can be snotty but I miss having them around. I could totally use some hugs from my girls.

This could quite possibly be the last time they take this trip by themselves. The oldest child is 12 and she didn’t really want to go this year. It’s not that she didn’t want to spend time with her family it’s just that she wanted to spend the summer with her friends. She’s at that age. And the youngest child won’t go without her sister so this could be the last year. I don’t mind. Added to the fact that they’re getting too old, the girls in Ohio=drama from the family. Every year, it never fails. A certain faction stirred up some muck which is eventually going to hit the fan because I can’t and won’t let it go. But, whatever. I seriously think my family comes with more than it’s share of drama compared to other families. I know everyone thinks that, but I think mine would take home the trophy in this competition.

Today, in moving news, I cleaned my bathroom. When the girls went to Ohio, I took over their bathroom and left the master bath to the Mister. I LOVE having a bathroom all to my very own self. It is absotively dreamy. As a result of my absence, the master bath looked like a war had taken place in it. It’s nice, shiny, and smells good now though.

Now I’m getting ready to head to the grocery store. Again. With not having kids, we have no food in the house at all. I go to the store five or six times a week for dinner and lunch stuff. I haven’t eaten yet today because there is NOTHING in my house to eat, lmao. I’m pretty starved so I’m off.

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