Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It’s weird how much summer changes my routines. I haven’t blogged because I don’t have anything to blog about. At all. Really. The Mister’s been home on leave all week and we’ve been hanging around the house mostly. Every time we go out we spend money on crud we don’t need so we’re trying to stay in more. And it’s been raining this week too. We’ve had more rain in the 9 days of July than we did for the entire month of June. It makes it hard to go to the beach which is my goal for the week.

The girls are currently at a cabin with their grandparents at Old Man’s Cave in Ohio. They’re fishing, hiking, and having a good time. Still no idea on when or how they’re coming home yet. The oldest child has to be home by August 14th for preschool band practice. I thought it was funny that they call it preschool when it’s for middle school kids but it takes place before school starts hence the name. Other than that, their stay in Ohio is still open ended.

See? Boring, boring, boring. The highlight of my day today? Taking the dogs for a car ride to DQ. Ho hum.

Oh. A lizard has taken up residence on my car. I wonder if I should give him a name.

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