Monday, July 28, 2008

A Most Unproductive Day

I attempted to be productive. I really did.

I took my car in to have the oil changed and to get a state inspection done. My inspection sticker expires on the 31st. I called ahead to make sure they could fit in all of that in one visit and the guy assured me that they could. I had the Mister meet me there so that I didn’t have to sit in the shop for an hour twiddling my thumbs. We had lunch, ran an errand, and headed back after about an hour or so to pick up my car. The guy tells me that he’s only charging me for the oil change because they couldn’t get their diagnostic computer to link up with Raleigh for the inspection part. I have to go back Friday to pay for the inspection and get my sticker. Hopefully, I don’t get pulled over on the way for an expired sticker, lol. And hopefully they get their computer working right by then too. The only time I’ve ever been pulled over was for an invalid inspection sticker in Vermont so it makes me nervous.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing nothing. Well, I read some work e-mails and composed replies in my head but haven’t typed them up yet, lol. I’m tired. I’m in an insomnia cycle worrying about the kids and moving and my new work project. I have a feeling that I’m forgetting to worry about something else too and that’s bugging me as well. I’ll chill out in a few weeks.

And I have a picture to share. Remember how I raved about Revlon’s ColorStay nail polish a while back? Well this picture is of my nails five days after I painted them and after I cleaned my bathroom, packed some boxes, and cleaned out the shed in our backyard. If this isn’t staying power, I don’t know what is:


I hope you can tell from this picture that I don’t have any chips and they are still shiny. I tried to zoom in closer but my camera wouldn’t focus.

That’s that for today.


  1. Wow! That's amazing stuff. Your nails look great.

    I finally got around to calling the cat's vet to get him an appointment for his shots. I'll be spending my Friday at vet appointments it looks like. I'll be taking the dog into see his vet too. I wish they went to the same place. I could remedy that, but I love the cat hospital where I take my cat so much. The staff are wonderful there. Unfortunately, they don't see dogs. :-(

  2. Thanks!

    I need to get my dogs into the vet too. Thankfully they see the same vet though but they're wild beasts at the vet's office which is why I don't like taking them.

    It's great that you have a vet that you like so much. I think that can be as hard to find as a regular physician for myself.

  3. wow, I need to get some of that nail polish.

    BTW, I'm having such a hard time finishing History of Love.

  4. Hmm. I had a similar experience today. I went to get my car inspected and had them do various things on my car. I haven't been driving my car that much, so the oxygen and the exhaust meters weren't working quite right. This disqualified my car from passing inspection, until I drive my car on the freeway for two hours going between 55-65 mph, they told me the inspection equipment won't work right. I was cross eyed. I drove it for a little bit, but there was a traffic jam so I couldn't drive it for two hours continuously. I said forget it, I'll pick up the car tomorrow when they are done with the other things. That is life. I usually drive to just get the groceries, do laundries and other chores.

  5. That's an incredible manicure!

    Hope you get your car taken care of. That makes me nervous, too.

    Don't you hate worrying that you're forgetting to worry about something?

    Thanks for the visit today.

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Hmmm....I will have to give that nail polish a try. I'd love to find something that doesn't chip the same day you put it on (or the next for that matter).

  7. Pam~~Sorry you're having a hard time with the book. If you don't like it by now, you're really not going to like the ending. :/

  8. Book C~~I didn't quite have the hard time with my inspection as you did with yours. I picked up my sticker today, no big deal.

    Forgetful~~Thanks! And thanks for stopping by too.

    Dana~~I would definitely give it a try. The polish lasted 6 days with no chips and the first chip that I had wasn't that noticeable.


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