Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quiet Weekend

We didn’t do much this weekend. With it being our last weekend alone without the kids, you would think that we would have taken advantage of it but we didn’t.

Friday night, nothing.

Saturday, we cleaned out the shed in our backyard and hauled a bunch of our old moving boxes to the recycling center. I saved the ones that weren’t damaged so that I could use them to pack. After that, we were so tired that we didn’t do anything else. We didn’t even eat dinner until 10 o’clock. We stayed up until 1 am watching the first season of The Shield on DVD.

Today we went to take another look at the new house. I got a picture of the outside but since the owners weren’t home, we couldn’t take inside pictures.


Your regular, run of the mill, house. The yard is MUCH greener than ours, lol. Hopefully we can keep it that way. And notice the lack of pine trees.

After that we finished watching the first season of The Shield. Then we went to Morehead City to buy the second season of The Shield, heheh, the first season of BSG, and the Mister bought some football game for the Wii. We also had to go to PetSmart to get the dogs food. While we were there we bought a Boxer coffee mug. On it, it didn’t have one single Boxer with docked ears. That’s different because Boxers are more recognizable with docked ears even though I think that’s incredibly mean.

I’m also gearing up to start a new project for my job this week. It’s pretty involved so I’ll be getting more hours which is nice. Also, since we decided that we couldn’t turn down the reenlistment bonus which means there’s no longer a rush, I am cutting back on my classes. I’m only taking two classes versus three and four per semester now. It was really hard keeping up with that many when I wasn’t working. I have a cousin who graduated from Ohio State University in three years. I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea how she managed that.

Anyway, that’s my weekend in a nutshell.


  1. Our grass isn't nearly as green as our next door neighbor's either. :-(

    I enjoyed the first season of The Shield. We saw it quite a while ago. have the second season on my Netflix list but there's still quite a few other things ahead of it. We've got plenty of DVD Tv shows here at home though, so there's no hurry.

  2. Very nice house! That grass is crazy green!

    My husband loves The Shield. I think the last season is going to start soon.

  3. LF~~The Shield is a crazy show but we really like it. We had to make ourselves stop watching and go to bed last night, lol.

    Pam~~Thanks! And I know! We're never going to be able to keep the grass that green. I wonder if they have a sprinkler system or something.

    You should watch The Shield with your husband. It's entertaining.

  4. Hey! Wow that house looks really nice. I hope everything goes smooth with the move. We really need to catch up!

  5. Thanks Dana. We sure do need to catch up sometime.


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