Monday, July 14, 2008

Would You Look at This???

I just took this picture minutes ago. IMG_0129

What is it? It’s a pile of dirt. Why did I take a picture of a pile of dirt??? This is what just came off of the dogs when they came in from outside and shook themselves. Dust and CRUD went everywhere. Ya think they need baths now??? SHEESH! They like to roll around in the dirt and muck under our deck because they’re special like that.

And this picture I took last night because I was disgusted and wanted to share my disgust with all my loyal blogger friends. See? I’m a generous person.


Isn’t that freaking disgusting?? I hate slugs.


  1. we are having issues with slugs too. They are so gross. They keep eating my flowers outside.

  2. Ew. I hate slugs too. My dog desperately needs a bath. :-(

  3. Pam~~Most nights they're slimed across our back door which is totally nasty when we're trying to let the dogs out.

    LF~~The thing with my dogs is that I could give them a bath in the morning and they'd need another one that same night. Our yard is the root of the problem with big spots of it being dirty sand.


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