Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Birthday and Other Stuff

I ended up being pleasantly surprised for my birthday last night. You know how I said that I went shopping and got myself some stuff that I told the Mister could be for my birthday? Well, he got me some extras anyway. Isn’t he sweet? He got me the new Odd Thomas book and the Odd Thomas graphic novel. I read the graphic novel last night because it turns out they are REALLY fast reads. This was my first foray into the graphic novel world and it wasn’t so bad. It’s really neat being able to put faces to the characters even though Koontz said that he still doesn’t know what Odd looks like but that this depiction is pretty close. The writing takes a bit to get used to though. It’s basically a comic book, right, so the writing is a little over the top with BANG! POW! and CRUNCH! thrown in every once in a while. It was a different experience but neat all the same. I’d read more of them.

The Mister also got me Crash of the Titans for the Wii. I haven’t tried it out yet though. For telling him not to get me anything and having no idea what I wanted in the first place, he did a good job.

We’ve been having a bit of drama going on today. The Mister’s back has been hurting him since Saturday. He’s had back problems in the past due to his job and the various car accidents he’s been in but this is the worst it’s ever been. He can’t stand up straight and can barely walk. He’s tried to get into the Navy hospital on base but they keep telling him that they don’t have any available appointments. Is that not the most outrageous thing you’ve ever  heard?? He’s an active duty Marine and can’t get into the freaking Navy hospital. WTF EVER!!! This isn't the first we've seen this happen either. One of his Marines had the audacity to break his arm on a Sunday and the hospital isn't even open on Sundays. Should it even be called a hospital at this point? Anyway, I'm trying to get the Mister to go to the county hospital ER but we'll see how it goes. I'm not a happy camper about this.

To add to his bad day, some fool was driving the wrong direction in the parking lot at the hospital (where he couldn't get an appointment) and the Mister swerved to miss him and hit a parking barrier and fracked the rim on the tire. That car is a menace. We've only had it since March and it has a dent in the driver side door, scrapes and scratches on the passenger side door, sap that ate the paint, and now it has a fracked up rim. It's ridiculous. We've NEVER had this many issues with any of our cars before this one. The Mister said that he's going to start taking my car because the Scion isn't safe on base, lol. We'll see. I'm not sure I want to drive a cursed car. I bet it's because the Rav has the lemur and the Scion doesn't have a good luck charm yet.

Now I'm off to run some errands. Fun for me.


  1. So is the Navy hospital disriminating against a Marine now? lol! I kid but really, that is pretty insane. I hope he gets some relief soon.

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday. I haven't heard of that Wii game. We just got a Fit though, and I'm loving it.

  2. Pam~~ Lol. Noooo. It's not because it's a Navy hospital. This kind of thing is happening at military treatment facilities nationwide.

    The game is new from the Crash Bandicoot series that was originally a Playstation game. I've been looking for a Wii Fit for weeks and have yet to find one. I should have preordered it like I did Mario Kart. Oh well. It is just a game, lol. ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope your husband is feeling better. OMG don't even get me started on the military "hospitals" issue. It is just a shame someone who protects our country can't get access to an emergency doctor. I'm just saying. And I could say more. But I'll stop.

  4. Thanks Liz!

    As for the hubby, he finally got in to the doctor but it's ridiculous that it took him three days. Now he has to wait until next week to make the appointment with a chiropractor. I could say more about this too, lol.


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