Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Advil and Homework: The Great Circle of Life

I don't know what was up with Blogger yesterday, but it certainly wasn't up to par. The fact that I only had 2 visitors yesterday, I can figure it was the same for everyone else. Everything seems to be running smoothly today though so here we go.

Since we moved into our house almost 18 months ago, 7 houses have been for sale on our street and around the corner and the eighth went up for sale yesterday. This is really making us sweat getting our house sold since our house will make the fourth house for sale on our street. If you've ever gone through the process of buying or selling a house, you know that closing on it takes months and that's if everything goes smoothly with the loan, inspections, and so forth. So, if we don't get a buyer within the first month, the girls and I won't be moving Jan 2nd as we plan on doing and we'll be left in C dust since he doesn't really have a choice as to when he has to move. Can anybody say, "Tension headache?" I've had one for 2 days now. Ugh.

Did you ever figure that once you graduated high school and college that you'd be done with homework? I'm currently on hiatus from taking classes until we get moved and I still spend about 2 hours a day doing homework, the kids' homework. It's amazing what you forget over the years such as what a rhombus is or concave and convex. Last night M had grammar homework and she was also working on her book report. I get more stressed out over their work than I ever did with my own.

Is anyone enjoying the new tv shows this season? I like several of the new shows this season which means they'll all get cancelled. That's me being the eternal optimist that I am.

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