Thursday, September 21, 2006


I think that I have finally found the religion for me. (No. This isn't the religion post. Sorry Dana.) Upon surfing the blogs that I read daily I found an entry that I couldn't resist checking out for myself. See for yourself: Church of Holy Avitableness

Is it funny or what? However, as with most religions, there are certain tenants to which I don't hold. Example: Under "Sins of Blogging"

#1: Mommyblogging: Blogging about your children's daily lives instead of your own, is a mortal sin, and all mommybloggers go immediately to AOHell.

I do that from time to time. Since this blog started out as a way for our family to keep up with us, I think I should be excused from this sin. Another thing I don't agree with is the Veronica Mars thing. I have never seen an episode of it and couldn't tell you what day of the week it's on or what channel for that matter. Other than that, I'm on board!! I knew I'd eventually find someone who could spew a religion that I could follow along with.


  1. Wow...this is great! Way to go!!!

  2. I agree. We should start our own e-church.

  3. Welcome to the flock. You should add our holy banner to your infidel sidebar!

    And Veronica Mars will open your eyes to the beauty of television. It is the best show out there.

    Occasionally mommyblogging is forgiven with 10 Hail Avitables.

  4. Heheh. Thanks for the welcome. I'll def have to add your banner. The place needs some sprucing up.


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