Monday, September 11, 2006


This topic could have elements of religion added to it but for the time being, I’d prefer to leave religion out and keep this strictly opinion.

This is a topic that I see in a different light since having taken a class on ethics. It’s not so black and white as many people think it is.

Most often, being judgmental or passing judgment only has to do with some negative aspect. Example: Susie stays with her husband who is a deadbeat. Her friends and family shake their heads, cluck their tongues, look down their noses, and wonder why she’s ignorant enough to stay with a man who is “good for nothing”. Susie’s family is negatively judging her. Everyone is familiar with this type of judging. We’ve all done it whether or not we like to admit it. Some of us claim that they don’t judge at all, to each his own, and it’s none of my business. You may honestly believe this about yourself but as long as you have the ability to observe people and the environment around you, you can’t help but pass judgment in some form or another at some point.

Ponder this side as well…Have you ever considered that when you see something or someone as good, you’re passing judgment? Example: Johnny came home from school with straight A’s on his report card. His family is so proud and congratulates him on a job well done and grandpa slips him some cash as a reward. Johnny has just been judged as a good student worthy of praise and reward.

Everyone passes judgment whether in a good way or in a bad way all the time. Doing so is in the human nature. You could almost say it is a trait of humanity. Unless you live a completely isolated life, it is impossible to escape this trait and even then you’d probably judge yourself and how you’re coping with your solitary life.

So, this is my view on being judgmental. Everybody does it, everybody has been judged, good or bad, and nobody is exempt from either. To say you don’t, won’t, or haven’t is a lie, or fib if you will. Lie seems like a harsh and judgmental word here.

Okay. All this being said, blah, blah, blah, I saw the saddest thing on an episode of Miami Ink. I’m not going to go into the details of what the show is or the characters. You’re on the internet. Look it up. Anyway, Kat, one of the artists, was feeling blue and homesick because she didn’t feel like she fit in with the people of Miami. As they videotaped her walking down the street, people were staring with shock and derision. It was horrible to watch. Just because of her tattoos and the way she dressed, you could see people judging her as a freak. From what you see of her on the show, she’s a really “normal” person with friends, family, and a good job. One of the oldest clichés is never judge a book by its cover. In light of today being the anniversary of 9/11 and the fact that people look and make up their minds about people without getting to know someone, this is one cliché we should all take to heart.

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