Friday, September 22, 2006

Tech Support

So, I had to call the cable company yesterday because one of my DVR's isn't working properly. It was zapped by an electrical storm a couple weeks ago but I wasn't too concerned about getting it fixed since all that was on tv was reruns. Yesterday, however, there were three shows on at 10 last night that I wanted to watch so I had to record two on my other DVR and watch the third on the living room tv. Not really a big deal, but a sign of things to come. I broke down and finally called the cable company yesterday to see if I could just exchange my DVR for a new one or if I had to go through the whole troubleshooting process over the phone. Which one do you think I had to endure? Yeah. I was on the phone with tech support for 15 minutes which really isn't that bad considering it normally takes them 30-60 minutes to tell me they don't know what's wrong. I really hate it when they treat you like a moron. The first thing she asked me is if I had unplugged it to reset it. Ummm...DUH!! That was the first freaking thing I tried. Geez! Then she tried "sending the DVR a signal" twice to see if that helped and it didn't so now I'm sitting here waiting for a service person to come and look at it personally. My fix-it window is from 10am-2pm. If they don't show up till 2, my whole day is shot. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll be here closer to 10 so I can run errands today. Anywho...

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? OMG! I absolutely love that show and it was totally worth waiting the whole summer for the new season to begin last night. I watched season 2's finale the night before and bawled my eyes out worse than I did the first time I watched it. I don't want to give out any details of last night's episode in case anyone has it recorded and waiting for them but MAN! It was great and I'm already excited about next week's episode, heheh. I'm addicted.

Anyway, maybe I'll be back later with something that's actually interesting to blog, lol.

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