Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stuff that Pisses Me Off or is Just Annoying

In no particular order:

1. Liars and cheats. Should go without saying and doesn't need further explanation.

2. People who don't leash their dogs and allow them to pee and crap all over the neighborhood.

3. People who don't drive the speed limit and complain when they get tailgated. Hey, if you're going to go 40 in a 45 you deserve to have my SUV up your butt.

4. Having too much importance placed on party affiliation. Calling yourself a Democrat or a Republican shouldn't automatically mean you believe in one thing or another. It's like it turns off one's ability to make a decision and have an independent opinion.

5. People who have the right of way at an intersection but let other people who don't have the right of way go before them. I really hate polite drivers.

6. Drunk calls. I've made them myself in the past and thought it was hilarious but realize now that they're just stupid and make you sound stupid and I don't like being on the receiving end of them at all. Have proper phone etiquette for pete's sake. Call me sober or don't call at all unless you need a ride home.

7. Neighbors who let their dogs bark from dawn till dusk.

8. People who make excuses as to why it's ok to smoke pot.

9. People who judge the cleanliness of somebody else's house. Just because there are backpacks and shoes out and about at my house and some dishes that should be in the dishwasher but are in the sink instead doesn't mean it's dirty. It means we live here. Get over yourself.

10. Friends who say that they don't want to be a bother by calling or coming over. We must not really be friends if that's how you feel.

I'm going to stop at ten but reserve the right to add to or amend my list. Also, before anyone makes snap judgments here, I'm in a really good mood and have had a good day. I just felt like having a little fun on my blog.


  1. You must not be talking about me because if I lived closer I'd come over all the time.... I used to.

  2. Lol. No, I wasn't referring to you. I actually had a specific person in mind for #10 but I don't even think they have the web address for the blog but it could apply to a couple different people.


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