Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

We had the weirdest bank experience today. We do our primary banking with USAA but we keep a savings account with Navy Federal Credit Union because sometimes you need to have a bank you can physically go to and transact business. I'm not even sure USAA Bank has a building and if they do, I have no idea where it would be.

So anyway, we went to the new Navy Fed in Jacksonville to deposit some things. We go in (because I have long since forgotten my ATM number) and there is a wall of what looks to be ATM machines. So we go back to the receptionist lady and I tell her that I need an actual person because I don't know my ATM number. She replies that there are real people behind the machines and to go ahead and wait in line. After C proceeds to make a scene about how weird the whole thing is, we get our turn and go up to the machines. A voice out of nowhere greets me and I pick up the handset (which has an anti-microbial agent in it and is disinfected daily, just so ya know) because I was carefully watching the patrons ahead of me to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do, and talk to The Voice. She asks me what I need, I respond, and she tells me to put my deposit with a photo I.D. in the little tube thingy and she'll be with me shortly. How? How is she supposed to be with me shortly when I'm at a machine and talking on a phone?? So, I sign my deposits, put them and my I.D. in the tubey thing, push the button, and it's sucked up into who knows where. After a relatively short wait, The Voice tells me to have a nice day, the little t.v. screen in front of me comes on and I can see some woman on it, and the tubey thing slides back down from the Unknown Banking Universe with my receipt and my I.D.

I'm telling you. It was straight out of one of my In Death books. I was impressed with the technology of it and C was just weirded out. Are all banks like this? This is the first time that I've been inside a bank in years. I do all my transactions online for the most part. Where did the bank tellers go??


  1. Weird. The Navy Fed in Havelock doesn't have those machines indoors. I have used something like that at bank drive-thrus (with the tubes that suck your bank stuff from your car into the building and then back again), but I've never seen them indoors at a machine you walk up to. Sounds strange.

  2. Yeah. It was strange. It was the Navy Fed on Piney Green Rd in Jacksonville. You should check it out sometime. Very futuristic.


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