Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to Normal (Updated with Pictures)

I’m done Christmas shopping!! Woot! Shopping crowds weren’t that bad but traffic was horrible. People have no brains sometimes. I think I did okay for the Mister. The girls seem happy with what we picked out.

We did some holiday baking last night. The girls and I made cookies with Hershey Kisses in the middle. I’m not sure what they are called but my grandma used to make them every year and they make me feel good to see them. Plus, they’re just yummy. The Mister decided to bake wheat rolls which are also a holiday tradition in my family. He has his shop Christmas party today and that was his contribution. HOWEVER!!! He didn’t estimate the baking time correctly so I ended up staying up until 2 in the morning baking bread that I didn’t even get to eat.

It is COLD here. And I mean normal people cold. It’s been getting down in the 20’s overnight. Sunday, I had my air conditioning running in the morning and then the heat on at night. Craziness.

Plans for the day include wrapping presents and more baking. We have to make buckeyes and turtles. Besides gaining 500 pounds, we’re going to be in a sugar coma, lol. Buckeyes are traditional though. If you’re from Ohio, you make buckeyes. If you’re from Ohio and you don’t make buckeyes, it’s just wrong and you should be tied up and dropped off in Michigan. Turtles are a new Christmas tradition for us. The Mister and I saw the recipe on the back of a package of caramel swirl chips and have been making them for several years now. They are YUMMY! I can only stand to eat about a 1” x 1” piece at a time though they’re so rich.

We’re also probably going to make a batch of soap today too. The UPS man delivered a bunch of new additives yesterday and we’re anxious to try them out.

Okay. I’m off to do one of the things I said that I need to do today, heheh.


Pam asked what buckeyes are so I thought I’d post pictures. It occurred to me that most people don’t know what they are unless you’re from Ohio, heheh.


These are buckeyes, the candy, that you can purchase from The Party Shop should you desire to do so. They really are very yummy. Much like a peanut butter cup.





This is an actual buckeye nut from the tree. See the similarity to the candy?


  1. I'm glad you are all done with the shopping. :-) It's a good feeling.

    I was out and about last Friday and the traffic was awful. I am trying to avoid the stores this week.

  2. so are buckeyes the same as turtles? I don'tthink I've ever had buckeyes.

  3. LF~~Me too on both counts!!

    Pam~~Turtles are brownies with caramel and nuts. Buckeyes are chocolate covered peanut butter balls made to look the nut from the tree. I'll modify the post to show pictures! :)

  4. What kind of soap are we making?

  5. Jennifer~~Check your e-mail. ;)

  6. It occurs to me suddenly that maybe I should think about christmas, and shopping, and what not...

  7. Wendy~~Hehehe!! I thought I was bad.

  8. thanks for posting the pictures. My MIL makes something similar but they are just PB balls covered in chocolate, not to resemble a buckeye.

    I was thinking of the turtle candy that's the pecan with caramel covered in chocolate. I've had the turtle brownies too.

    Wow..now I've got a sweet tooth.


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