Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Got My Letter!!

I don’t know where to begin. I was such a different person then. It turns out I was 15 and not 16 at the time I wrote it, btw. The first page was dated March 12, 1993 and the final page was dated May 28, 2003. TWENTY-SEVEN pages front and back, lmao. Oh. And it was for World History class not Sociology.

It’s amazing the amount of stuff that I had forgotten about. I forgot how religious I used to be. That’s right. From the way I sounded in my letter, I was a holy roller, bible thumper. I don’t remember being so over-the-top religious. I remember going to church and my church friends, of course, but I had forgotten that there was a time that I liked it and it was important to me. Very weird.

I also talked about all the people in my class. Wow. I had changed my opinion of most of them before I graduated. One person I called, “a wicked, wicked, child”. LMAO!! Another I mentioned how they had, “morbid” thoughts. Both, I ended up liking before we graduated.

I mentioned how I liked to read a lot. That’s something that never changed. Something else that I mentioned was that I hoped I would grow out of PMS, lmao. That certainly didn’t change either. Turns out that PMS sticks around. I’ll probably still have PMS when I’m 80 if I live that long. I think death is the only thing that will stop it for me. Menopause doesn’t have a chance.

27 pages. To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed. It was almost like reading something that someone else had written. I had a hard time recognizing myself in the pages. I’ve changed a lot in 15 years and I would like to think I’ve changed for the better. I said that I wanted to read my letter with my future husband but I’m not sure how much of it I want to share with anyone else. It was quite personal.

All in all, I’m glad that I read it. I laughed at more of than I didn’t and it made me remember crazy stuff that I had forgotten. I was a really dumb teenager, lol. :P


  1. That is a serious amount of writing. That must have been something.

  2. I think that's kinda cool. I probably wouldn't have much in common with my 15 year old self, lol.

    Glad to hear you are finally done with your tenants. I hope the damage they have done isn't too costly for you.

  3. Twenty-seven pages is a lot! I can see myself writing that much too. LOL It really is interesting to think back to how much we've changed over the years, isn't it?

  4. wow..27 pages! It's funny that nowyou look at what you wrote and think "WTH!?" and at the time you probably thought those were the most important things ever. I found something I wrote in my teens a couple months ago and I had the best belly laugh. I was so naive and stupid then.

  5. Jennifer~I remembered that I had written a lot, but I didn't remember that it was 27 pages front and back. I was surprised.

    Dana~~I don't think I have very much in common with my 15 year old self either. And thanks. :)

    LF~~Yeah, it was interesting. I was surprised at how much I had forgotten.

    Pam~~The whole point was to see how your perceptions change with time and it was definitely a lesson learned for me.

  6. If I would have written a letter when I was 15 I am sure I would have used the word "bitchen" more then
    How funny the language we use the things we think are important, we think that anyone over thirty is old and has no idea what it is like to be 15. That teacher gave his class a pretty cool gift.


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