Friday, December 12, 2008

Totally Random Hodgepodge

I just read Pam’s meme at her blog, 30 Something, and realized that I did know the names of all the reindeer. For some reason, I thought there were 12. When I realized I was right about the names and wrong about the number, it made me lol.

I turned my phone off this morning for about three hours. I don’t like to turn my phone off during the day with the kids in school, but I needed the quiet. That’s the longest I’ve gone without hearing my phone ring for weeks. I felt tranquil. SEE WHAT I MEAN!! My phone rang in the middle of that sentence and it was the VT plumber. He couldn’t find the road, lol.

Does anyone else watch Private Practice? I started watching it last year because I’m a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. I was really lukewarm about it last year too. I didn’t hate it. It had funny stuff and medical stuff and I liked the characters, but it wasn’t a “must see” show for me at all. This year, I’m much more into it. I love the Charlotte character. She’s spunky. It’s still not up there with my most favorite shows, but I’d miss it if it got cancelled.

Check this out:


What is the written number on the line? Take a guess. I’m curious to see what you guys think it is.

After feeling blasé about almost all of my recent reads, I have finally found a novel that I don’t want it to be over. I posted a little about it the other day, the Marie Antoinette book. I am so in love with this book and this story. When I finish it, I’m going to read a biography that I have on Marie Antoinette. There was a movie made based on the biography. I caught a snippet of it on TV a while back and turned it after less than five minutes. They played that song, “I Want Candy” in a period film. Am I the only one that thinks modern music in a period film sounds terribly out of place and ruins the mood? 


  1. I totally thought the same thing when I read Pam's. I figured you knew nothing about reindeer and you have lost your mind.

  2. And that was totally an 8 in the picture.

    And I got a job. :)

  3. There are only eight reindeer, and that seems to be an eight in the picture........

    Jenny got a job :)

  4. Jennifer and Arlene~~I think maybe I was getting the reindeer confused with the 12 days of Christmas because I totally thought there were 12 of them, heheh.

    Also, the school told me that was a zero with a line through it, not an 8. Not only can they not spell but they can't write either.

    CONGRATS on the job!! Woot!


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