Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where I’m At

One of these days, I’ll post an entire post that’s about just one thing. Today is not that day.

We found out something yesterday that made us laugh. We still know one recruiter up in Vermont that the Mister worked with while we lived there. Interestingly enough, this Marine’s grandparents live at the end of our road and are acquainted with The Tenants. He and the Mister talk about once a week so he’s all up to date on our drama. He told the Mister yesterday on the phone that The Tenants have been telling his grandparents that we all of a sudden, out of the blue decided to kick them out a month before Christmas. LMAO!! I seriously got a good laugh over that. He also told the Mister that Peter, one of the tenants, used to work for his grandpa at a maple syrup factory in Vermont. He had to fire him after a week because Peter was lazy. Fine, upstanding people, aren’t they?

Another funny:  That picture in my post from the other day, well, it was the notice I received from the youngest child’s school about her attendance. I thought it was an 8 in the tardy slot and really flipped my lid. I called the school and after they did some investigating, was informed it was a zero with a line through it. Either I can’t read or they can’t write on top of not being able to spell or use proper grammar.

I finished up my work with my new client. It was just a temporary thing where I helped her put together a holiday gift guide for her blog. It was very satisfying to help out another mom and to have the project completed. It was also a little bit strange to have access to someone else’s blog and to get paid for blogging, lol. Strange but good.

If you need gift ideas for girls or women, specifically moms, I highly recommend that you check out her guide. It has lots of fabulous ideas. She also runs MANY giveaways. Here are the links:

Gift Guide Button pink_givbutton


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    That blog has some really cute gift ideas.

    As for the ex-tenants....just another reminder of what big losers they are.

  2. Yeah. I posted some stuff that I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas or getting my girls for Christmas.

    They are the biggest losers. Ugh!


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