Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Shopping

I actually started my shopping this weekend. This might sound late to some of you but I'm normally one of those desperately searching for presents on Xmas Eve type shopper so this is really early for me. We decided to get up early and go to Manchester, NH yesterday because New Hampshire doesn't have a sales tax. Plus, we just like going to Manchester because it's an actual city with actual people and places to shop. We hit our usual restaurant while there too, Bertucci's. They have, quite possibly, the best pizza and pasta. It's really weird cuz I just did a restaurant locater for them and they're all over New England with one single restaurant in North Carolina of all places. How strange is that?

Anyway, we also hit up the Cinnabon for some take home buns and they were so sickening sweet we were all sick afterwards from eating them. That isn't stopping me from craving one for breakfast though, lol. That was the first time the girls had Cinnabon and the first time for C and me in about 5 or 6 years.

As for the weather, we didn't get hardly any snow at all. They had originally fore-casted "moderate" snow for us and then that big storm went north and all we got was rain and the loudest thunderstorm we've had all year. That was Friday night. Saturday and Sunday night we got a dusting of snow and our temps are only in the 20's now. Brrrr!!!!

Oh! And I almost forgot to include some pictures that I took along the road in New Hampshire. This is the first exit off of I-93. We find this absolutely hilarious every time we drive past it. You'll need to click on the pictures so that you can read the road sign and the sign on the building. And please keep in mind, this is a road side rest stop, heheh.

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