Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ok. Not completely done but almost done. Oh. I'm talking about my Christmas shopping. I have one or two things left to get, mostly stocking stuffers, and then I'll be alllll doooonnnee! Woohoo! Yes, we'll miss the last minute, Christmas Eve, crazy, mad shopping but I think we'll survive.

And the cat has gone back to his righteous ways of faithfully using his litter box. It's a good thing for him because I was giving him one more chance before he was going to find out how hard it is to survive a Vermont winter with no food or shelter, the little pooper. Now he's taken to sleeping in the dryer, in the tub, in the linen closet, and anywhere else that's soft, dark, and away from me. Oh well. He'll come around eventually.

I guess that's it. When you spend your entire day in the mall, it really doesn't leave you too much else to talk about.

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