Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wonderful Morning

I just love days that start out with the kids fighting over cereal. You just know that the rest of the day is going to be aces.

I had the best night's sleep last night though. A solid 6 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Ahhh! I did have a really weird dream though but it didn't wake me up. The night before I got absolutely no sleep at all. C has a cold and he snored loud enough to wake up the dead on another continent. He's also been taking a nighttime cold medicine so it was impossible to wake him up enough so that he would turn over.

Anywho, I've been making some headway on our move. I haven't been mentioning that at all considering our recent circumstances, but despite all that, I have some really good leads on a few houses down south. One house is a block from the ocean so we're not too sure about that one. Hurricanes worry me, ya know? Plus it's a 40 minute commute to the base and that's pure drive time. That would be a big difference compared to the 10 minute drive to C's office now. All things to consider.

Lastly, I'm stealing this from someone else's blog:

6 Weird Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I like to hum, whistle, or sing songs that I make up in my head. It’s a strange habit that drives C crazy.
  2. Typos and grammatical errors make me nutso. I worry about making them myself to the point where it makes me a little OCD and I’m judgmental about other people that make them. How hard is it to hit spell check? Sometimes I really don’t care but that’s only about 2% of the time.
  3. The pressures of gift-giving occasions push me over the edge. I can never remember birthdays and I never know what to get for people. If I do buy someone something, I never put it in the mail on time. I should have been a Jehovah’s Witness.
  4. I like to make up weird names for people. For instance, I call C, C Lieberheister (I have no idea if this is spelled correctly because I don’t think it’s an actual name, lol) cuz his middle name is Lee. I call Bailey, Bailey Bailerson. Those are just two examples.
  5. I’m fanatical about my crayons (Yes, I still have my own box of crayons. Shut up.) being arranged by color in the box. I get seriously pissed if they get out of order. I’m the same way with my DVD’s. They’re in alphabetical order on the shelf and they have to be perfectly aligned with the edge of the shelf.
  6. I have a phobia about rushing water. I don’t really know how to explain it but the sounds and the look of water rushing over a dam or something like that literally makes my stomach drop. I also have frequent nightmares about being at the ocean and a sudden huge wave rushing up and pulling me into the ocean. What’s even weirder is that being at the ocean doesn’t bother me in the least except at night. I know, it’s weird and I’m strange.

I think all this list did was to prove that I’m obsessive compulsive and teetering on the edge of sanity.

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