Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pardon Me While I Mommy Blog

Okay. So I didn't make it back last night. Sue me. I was exhausted and besides that, we had to go on the hunt for a specific kind of Cabot cheese. It was a busy night.

Anyway, the girls' parties went really well. S had a pizza party and her teacher bought her a going away gift. Then they sang Christmas carols and watched two Christmas movies.

M's class made a really neat poster for her that all of her classmates signed as well as all of her teachers. Some of her friends bought her gifts as well as some of her teachers. Then they had snacks that were brought in by some of the parents. I took some really great pictures of her with her friends that I'll post to the picture blog later.

Despite being tired and the other worries that we're dealing with, it was a really great day.

If I'm not back until after Christmas, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and the hope that you all get a bunch of good loot. ;)

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