Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I saw the funniest bumper sticker at the grocery store the other day. It read, "Don't steal. The government doesn't like competition." Lmao. Too funny, right? I'm easily entertained these days.

M had a substitute teacher yesterday that was so freaking young he looked like he just walked out of his high school. Where the heck do they find these people? This particular guy also happened to be the son of the elementary principle so I wonder how he landed that position. Another one of the school's sub's is the mother of one of S's friends. It's weird when one of your kid's friend's mom is teaching your child. That's one of the many quirks about living in a small town.

Another small town oddity is when the road you live on is known in the area as "Divorce Lane" because so many people living on it are divorced or getting a divorce. Not a huge selling point from a real estate angle. Then, you find out from another aquaintance that your road should also be known as "Alcoholic Lane" as well.

Oh. And I forgot to mention that I have new neighbors. The couple that lived right across from us (one of the reasons we live on "Divorce Lane" which I heard from my realtor of all people) finally sold their house after 7 or so months of trying. The good thing about it is that we're not going to live here long enough for them to be a nuisance to us. Heheh. You all know how I feel about neighbors: They're evil.

And why is it that kids work on one volume level? They talk in loud voices and only respond to being yelled at. Geez.

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