Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 2 of The Great Sofa Search

2 days, 4 counties, 4 cities, and an innumerable amount of stores and we still haven't found exactly what we're looking for in a sofa. We're to the point where it's not fun looking anymore and we're pretty sure we're going to get the Broyhill we saw yesterday and call ourselves done. We left this morning at 9:15 am and just got home at about 2:30 pm and I'm not sure how long we shopped yesterday but geez! I really think it's that we're being too picky. But is it wrong to be picky when you're spending so much on furniture? Shouldn't you make sure that you get good quality furniture that you like? It's not as if you replace sofas every year. You have to live with your decision for several years. I guess I could always buy slipcovers, heheh.

I also have to comment on Jacksonville, NC. Since 1991, I've spent quite a bit of time there. My brother was stationed there and C also went to MCT and OJT there as well. Granted, before we moved down here, I hadn't been to Jax since 1998 but GEEZ! That town has changed. It's changed so much that it doesn't even have the same feeling to it. I know cities go through growth and change, but this is extreme. I'm sad at the fact that I don't recognize it anymore. I have a ton of great memories there. And the people there could give California drivers a run for their money. They are CRAZY and they love their horns. It's just strange all around.

Has anyone been watching Dirt on F/X? I've been watching it from the beginning because I have a loyalty to Courtney Cox (where'd the Arquette go?) from her days on Friends. I really like it. It's as dark as dark can get and a lot of it is shocking (Ummm...What happened to Prince for example!!) but I really enjoy it every week. I've been hearing that it's having problems keeping up it's viewership so I hope it doesn't get the ax but at least F/X gives shows a chance and it'll make it to it's season finale (which Jennifer Aniston will be guesting on. Yay!) at the very least. If you haven't watched it, you should give it a try. Tuesday nights at 10pm and then they rerun it a few other times throughout the week but I'm not sure what days or when.

Anyway, the girls will be home in 10 so I'm off..................................

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