Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mr. Right

When is the last time you were entertained at Wendy's? C and I stopped in for a quick bite and the cashier guy whose name tag read, "Mr. Right" was hilarious. The customer in front of must've been his friend because Mr. Right loaned him $3 and then proceeded to discount his meal. Customer guy got a combo meal for the bargain price of $2.87 and then proceeded to make a big deal out of how fresh the burgers were and how hot the fries were. Then when it was our turn, he took our drink order which was 2 medium Cokes and then when we went to pay he said he only charged us for small drinks. That was after harassing the prep girl to make sure she got our orders correct. Even after we sat down we continued to be entertained by Mr. Right as we listened to him chat it up with the other customers. I need some of whatever he was on, lol.

Oh. And banks suck too. Why should you have to have an account with them to get something notarized? Our bank is in San Antonio and I don't think we're driving all that way just to get two pieces of paper notarized. Good thing our GPS was able to find us a UPS store.

And I forgot to mention how the Lowes was on fire last night. We just happened to follow the 3 fire trucks into the store cuz we were on the way to buy a thermostat. There wasn't really too much to see since the fire was outside in the storage area but the fire alarm went off again while we were in the store. It's funny how a fire alarm can go off and nobody reacts but continues to do their shopping.

S and I were attacked by a rolled up area rug last night. It bonked her right on the head and left an abrasion on my arm. We all laughed so hard at the whole thing. It't not too often that you see a rug assault people.

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