Monday, February 05, 2007


Soooo, we had to get us a land line. It sucks. We haven't had one in three years and have been very happy without it. I hate having an extra bill. Verizon sucks too. They admitted to us at the store that they know we don't get a strong signal where we live and that there is absolutely no signal at the base and they still won't let us out of our contracts. And then they didn't understand why I didn't want to sign up for another 2 year contract. HELLO! Put your brain on and figure it out. Why in the world would I sign up to pay for something that I can't use?!?!?! As a result, we'll be keeping our VT phone #'s on the cells because they won't change them unless you sign another contract. Morons.

Good news is that we're done unpacking. Shoo! I'd rather pack than unpack. We've already made one trip to the recycling place with boxes and we'll be making multiple trips tomorrow with more boxes and packing paper. And now that we're done unpacking, I love my new house even more than I did when we first got here. We have so much extra room here despite a smaller kitchen and smaller baths. And the neighborhood is the best. There are a ton of kids here. Today, I went to call S in from playing outside and she was out there with 5 other kids. I don't think there were five kids total at our other house let alone 5 kids her age.

I'm finally caught up with my school work. My instructors were awesome in understanding what I was trying to do and they didn't take off any points for my assignments being turned in late. How great is that? And I LOVE my English class. I know. That makes me a total nerd but I do. My other two classes are pretty much living up to my expectations of what they were going to be: Dull. Oh well.

And Tricare sucks big, hairy, butts. I hate them and the horse they rode in on. They suck, suck, suckity, suck.

And now, it's time for dinner.


  1. I agree about TriCare. I need them to send me proff that they are no longer going to cover me or the girls after April 4, and though they admit that it's true, I have called a million numbers and everyone gives me another number to call to get someone to write it down so I can add the kids to my health coverage.

  2. Calling them is usually a huge waste of time. They suck. They still have us as being in Tricare West, or whatever it is for California, even though we haven't lived there since 2003. I sent in all the forms when we moved too and the only person that was put on Tricare Prime Remote for VT was Casey. Idiots. Now I have to try and get us switched for N.C. We'll see how it goes...


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