Friday, February 02, 2007

Totally Bummed

We went to the pet store tonight. Big mistake. Minutes before we arrived, they had just gotten a teeny tiny Boxer puppy. It had the sweetest little face and they had it out of its crate and in the dog room where people were petting him. I fell in love on the spot. We've been wanting to get another Boxer for a long time now but wanted to wait until after we moved. When those people were done petting the puppy, the pet store people put him back in his crate where he whined and pawed at the cage, shaking from head to toe. It was the saddest thing ever! It made me want to cry and if we hadn't just moved a week ago, we'd have a new addition to our family tonight. I just don't think it'd be right to ask our landlord to allow us another dog a mere week after moving in to his house.

Onto some good news which is sort of a pain in the ass at the same time...

We have renters moving into our house today. Woot woot! That's the good news. The pain in the ass part is that the rental management lady keeps calling me asking me questions all the time. Can they do this? We will pay for that? Can I make this call for them? Blah, blah, blah. I swear if they ask me to pay for one more thing I'll drive back to Vermont just to burn the house to the ground. And the management lady talks and talks and TALKS! I can be on the phone with her for 15 minutes and only get in one word the whole time. And with the lousy cell reception that we're getting and the fact that my phone likes to randomly shut down with no warning, it's just a big pain.

So, what's everyone's plans for the weekend?

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