Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So much for the land line deal. They said it'd be working between noon and 7 pm (nice window, eh?) and it's 7:40 and still no phone. Maybe I'm just not destined to have a decent phone.

We went sofa shopping today. We hit 6 or 7 different stores today and didn't see too much that we liked. I think my problem is that I'm being overly picky. I want something that's modern in style, with legs, no dust ruffle on the bottom, and in a kid friendly material. In the sofa world, that's a lot to ask for. We saw a Broyhill that we'll probably end up settling on though. I'll update on that tomorrow.

Two somethings that I forgot to mention about our trip south...In Virginia, we paid $1.99 for gas! Can you believe that? It was less than 2 bucks. And then in New Jersey we bought gas there too on the turnpike. On the pumps it said that it's New Jersey law to have full service gas stations. I've never seen that law before. You can't pump your own gas there. Weird, right? Maybe they had a problem with the mobsters making fast getaways and not paying for their gas, heheh.

Well, I'm off to do some work. Since we were gone shopping all day, I didn't get any school work done at all. Laters.

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