Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The birds...THE BIRDS!!!

I had a scary experience yesterday afternoon. I was sitting at my computer which is at the back of our house when I heard this really loud banging. It was loud enough that it scared the dog and the cat. My first thought, because I was going for the reasonable before the outrageous, was that the oil guy was delivering oil because the pipe is at the back of the house. When I looked out the window, however, I didn't see anyone at the pipe so my next thought was that someone was trying to break in the back door. I looked out the front door and that's when I saw the source of the noise: Crows. There had to be 40 or 50 crows out in the yard and I could see more on my neigbors' roofs so that's when I figured it out. I texted C and told him crows were banging on the house and he thought that I had lost my mind, lol. I never understood why the movie The Birds was so scary but seeing how swarms of crows behave in real life, I can totally see it now. And there were so many of them in the trees along our road this morning that they woke me up with all their racket. Also yesterday, they attacked another type of bird and left it for dead in our front yard. It's still out there too cuz I'm not picking it up, lol. Rural life is totally crazy.

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  1. That is totally creepy!!

    I just have a lot of drunks outside my window when the bar next door lets out. But your birds are probably more intelligent.

    Ah, City Life.


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