Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Music Critics Corner

I'm going to start with Gnarls Barkley. Not only is his name ridiculous but his song, Crazy, is annoying and repetitive. What, exactly, is that song trying to say and with a name like Gnarls Barkley, do I really care?

Next, Nelly Furtado.
Her breakout album was Whoa, Nelly back in 2000 with the song, I'm Like a Bird. This year, she released Loose featuring songs like Promiscuous and Maneater. She has received a lot of negative reviews saying that she sold out in order to become more popular and make more money because she started out with a more folksy style versus the mainstream dance music on her newest album. Personally, I like her wearing both mantles. You can either mellow out or be really hyped up with her music. I think that the people criticizing her latest musical effort do so out of jealousy because she is really cleaning up. Right now, Maneater is #12 and promiscuous is #30 on iTunes so her songs can't be all that bad.

And last for today, Jibbs' song
Chain Hang Low. That is the most fun song to sing along to playing on the radio right now. I suppose if you're not a fan of hip-hop you wouldn't think so, but I have a diversified interest in music and like most genres. And even though I'm a child of the 80's I'm not stuck on the 80's hair-band music, lol. :P Chain Hang Low is just a really fun song and it totally gets stuck in your head but in a good way.

Oh oh!! And before I forget...C and I got to hear 50 Cent and Eminem's new song last night via channel
93.3's website out of San Diego. It was pretty cool considering that 93.3 was the only station in the country to have the song and we got to hear it here on the east coast before everyone else with the exception of all the people in San Diego that were listening too. I listen to that channel a lot on my computer since our one and only Top 40 station became a classic rock station recently and it also happened to be the only station that I could get on my stereo in the house, the little buggers.

Anyway, that's it for today.

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