Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm Beginning to Hate XM

After I paid the freaking bill and had to speak to Idiot on the phone on Sunday, he said he'd restore our service. Well, the radio is in C's gov so we had to wait until Monday when he went to work to see if we actually had service. Sure enough, we didn't. So, I had to call the Idiots back and see what the heck. Also, after I checked my bank account to make sure the payment went through, not only did they charge me the regular 3 month payment but an additional payment of $13.73 was charged as well. I didn't authorize that and had no idea what it was for. While I'm on the phone trying to get the service restored, I ask about the charge. After speaking with TWO Idiots, neither one of them could explain the charge and agreed to credit my account. Well, YEAH YOU ARE!!! Then, THEN, I get a freaking hang up call from XM this morning. WTFreakingF?!!? Stop calling me!! I paid you!! I actually think they might be worse than AOL's customer service. All I know is they better stop harassing me or I'm gonna cancel the service and make them eat the damn radio. SHEESH!!!

On a happier note, C and I got a UPS delivery today and it is SWEET!! I'm not telling what it is cuz I don't want to have to hear about it from people who think they have a right to say something but OH YEAH BABY!! It is ever so cool. I'm off!

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