Monday, October 23, 2006


Two disappointments in one day. Does life get much better? So, here's how it went...

The realtor that showed our house this morning said that it showed really well but that the people said it "wasn't what they were looking for". Fine, ok. I talked to our realtor today who said that a couple who had seen our house listed on the internet was interested in more info. He called them this afternoon and it turns out that they had driven by this weekend to check it out and the guy really liked it but his wife didn't like the location. What's not to like?!?! We live a block from the county police station, 2 blocks from the best elementary and middle school in the area, we live on a dead end road that's still maintained by the county, and we have open fields all around us with great views. The only thing I can figure is that maybe she feels that it's
too isolated. Maybe she's like me and thinks that the country is creepy. Even though I think the country is creepy, I still think we have a great location. We have cable and high speed internet. What more can you ask for?

So, that's two "no's" in one day and the only interest we've had in the house in almost 2 weeks. This does not bode well. It's really disappointing. And it's weird to come home and know that you weren't the last person in your house. It's similar to the feeling I had when our car was broken into 4 times in 3 weeks back in Cali only more intense. Now I'm sitting here being all critical about my home. What can I do to make it more appealing? Was it clean enough? Did the cat drop a bomb while I was out and the smell turned them off? Should I buy a house plant? Should I find something else to paint? When is it going to stop raining/snowing so that I can finish the front porch? Am I going to be stuck in Vermont for the rest of my life? It's all so stressful.

On a positive note, at the grocery store today, I picked up some Smoothie Tums and they actually don't taste that bad. They're the smooth dissolve too so they're not that chalky. It's a great find for me since I've had heartburn for days now. Coolness, eh?

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