Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Knew Better Than to Hope

Yes. That's right. XM called me again this morning. ::Sigh:: I just don't know what I'm going to do about them. The girl who called me this morning got another earful from me and then I hung up on her. I seriously think they have my account flagged. There's probably a notation on there that reads something like this:

*This customer is a real number. We've been harassing her for over a week now and each phone call is funnier than the last. She's really irate. Let's make sure and call her at least once a day to see how mad she gets. I really think she's close to having a heart attack which would just be icing on the cake. GO TEAM!!*

I really don't think XM staffs anyone that actually knows how to do their job. Probably nobody there has an education better than a GED. I've been promised for three days in a row by three different people that I would not receive any more calls but no go so far. It's not like I freaking asked to have my credit card number stolen for pete's sake. But you know, this is probably customer service karma coming to get me since I used to work for GTE and I harassed people to pay their phone bills. That's probably why I have such bad luck with customer service reps.

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