Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Information Age

Why is it that some people are more interested in technology than others? And I know that it's not an age thing. I was talking with this woman that I know who's my age and says she never touches the computer and has never shopped online. I do about 80% of my Christmas shopping online and buy something at least once a month online. I'm on the internet several times a day and don't leave the house without my cell phone. If not for my Palm, I'd forget a million appointments. And although my iPod doesn't really serve a purpose, I love how small it is and how many songs it can hold, lol.
I just can't understand people who have no use for or just don't like technology.

In my opinion, they have no idea what they're missing. If I didn't have my computer and access to the internet, my life would fall apart. Well, at the very least, my bills wouldn't get paid on time and my checkbook would be a mess. I do absolutely ALL my banking online and pay all my bills through my bank's web bill pay. I've had the same box of checks for 18 months and am only on the second book.

Technology is our friend people!!! For those of you resistant to it, you really should consider changing your ways because it's not going anywhere. It's in your cars, on your highways, in your house, in your children's schools, it's freaking everywhere. You can't escape it so you may as well give into it and educate yourself on how to live efficiently in the 21st century.

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