Saturday, October 21, 2006

First Snow

This is the scene that we woke up to this morning. Not too much snow and it's about normal for this time of year here. It started snowing about 6pm last night so it could've been much worse and it was, in fact, in parts of Vermont where people got about 5 inches and lost power. So we lucked out. They're forecasting more snow for us tomorrow through Thursday. The kids might end up trick or treating in their ski pants this year, lol.

As for yesterday, I didn't start up the picture blog or play Ricochet. I installed the Sims 2 and played that instead, heheh. I also watched some shows that I had DVR'd from last week. I'm boring, I know. But when it pours down rain all day, what the heck else are you supposed to do? OH! And the big news from yesterday...Drumroll please...No call from XM Radio!! YAY!!

So, there ya go. An early morning post from me. I'll probably post more later in the day.
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