Saturday, October 07, 2006

Neighbors...They're All Evil

Up until this point, I haven't specifically targeted anyone in my posts. People may have taken a thing or two personally, but that was unintentional on my part. Tonight, this post is specifically directed at a person or persons: Bad Neighbors. If you've been a bad neighbor in the past, a pox on you and your karma will get you if it hasn't already.

What's the point of this, you ask? Well, I'm sitting here in my house with all the doors and windows shut (it's only 46 degrees outside) listening to my neighbors' live band. Yes. You read that right: LIVE BAND. I can hear it well enough to tell you that those people don't need to be performing for anybody at all. THEY SUCK! And the bands they are covering should put out a contract on them. The point of this party? Someone had a baby. Apparently, newborns like loud, sucky bands and beer. Things must have changed in the last 7 years since I've had a baby last.

Am I just being uptight? Well, you could say that I am, however, this isn't the first live performance that I've been subjected to by these neighbors and this particular band. Their suckiness is one of kind that's how I know it's the same band as the last party. They've been going at it for 6+ hours now and counting. Last time they didn't pack up until almost midnight and I had to listen to my kids complain about not being able to get to sleep and then to their irritableness all the next day from lack of sleep. They are also having their guests park along the street turning it into a one lane obstacle course and they're also parking in the fields behind our houses that's owned by the city and leased by a private company where there are signs stating no vehicles.

Oh lord. They're butchering
Mississippi Queen. It's just awful. I wish I had a way of recording them and posting some audio on here so you all could share in my good fortune.

So, if you've been a bad neighbor in the past, repent and confess your sins. If you're currently a bad neighbor, STOP IT and learn to be considerate of other people who are paying out the butt for property taxes to live next to your nastiness.

In the end, remember that I've never claimed to be a people person and have the right to hate all neighbors. Also, they just completely murdered
Turn the Page by Bob Seger. That should be illegal.

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