Monday, October 16, 2006

More Power, House Woes, And XM Radio

More Power:

I acquired my very first power tool yesterday. We have other power tools, drills, saws, etc., but this tool was bought specifically for me. I got a very nice handheld sander. Woohoo, heheh. I'm redoing my front porch. It's the whole curb appeal thing. Even with the sander, it's not as simple as I thought it was going to be. When we bought this house, the front porch was painted a peeling dull green. I guess it was supposed to match the dark green shutters on our house. My plan was to sand off the paint and stain it a nice cedar color. I think wood looks nicer when it's a natural color rather than painted. But, I don't think I have enough time to do all that so I'm just going to sand off the majority of the paint and re-paint it a nice dark green that will actually match the shutters and the front door. I think it'll look nice when it's all done. At the very least it'll look better than it was.

House Woes:

The rest of our weekend was pretty busy. Saturday we made another trip to the Salvation Army with the 6+ boxes of toys we gave away plus another box of clothes. It's ridiculous the amount of crap we had sitting around that we had no use for and there's more in the basement that just needs to be thrown away. Then on Sunday we fixed the water filter, put up a carbon monoxide detector so that we're in compliance with Vermont laws now, sanded some of the front porch, and mowed the lawn. I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 10 which is just unusual for me because I don't normally do things that make me feel old, lol. Tomorrow I have a realtor caravan coming first thing in the morning. So, I get to kill myself cleaning my already clean house since I'm completely OCD about it now and it never seems to be clean enough. We also bought a book this weekend about selling your house so I get to obsess over the multitude of things we've already done wrong.

And XM Radio:

Their customer service department is as bad as AOL's. I had to cancel my credit card recently because the number was stolen. This was the card that I was using to pay the XM bill, but because it normally gets paid automatically each month, I forgot to change the account and it didn't get paid on time this month. They called me on the 11th and I explained the situation and that I would go online myself and pay the bill. The girl told me that she'd give me until the 16th to pay it, no big deal. Please take note that today is the 16th. Anyway, C told me that he had no service on Friday, the idiots, and XM proceeded to call me at least 4 times a day sometimes letting the phone only ring once before hanging up. I paid the freaking bill Thursday but that didn't stop the stinking morons from harassing me. Finally, they called yesterday, once was a hang up and the second time I was able to answer the phone in a very belligerent tone (you gotta love caller ID), "What?" The guy was all flustered and explained to me that my service was interrupted and he would like to help me fix that. I told him, "I paid the freaking bill. What more do you people want, blood?" And he was all, "You paid the bill?" And I'm like, "Yeah and you people have proceeded to call me 4 or 5 times a day despite that, sometimes hanging up before I can answer the phone." And he stutters a little and says, "Oh. Well, I apologize for that. Would you like me to restore your service now?" WTF?!?!? No. Please don't do that. I
like paying for things that I'm not getting. FREAKING IDIOT!!! Where do they dig these people up??? But our service is back on and I hope to the gods they're done calling me cuz the next time won't be pretty.

So, that was my weekend. I lead such an exciting life and you're jealous, I know. I bet you're wishing you could kill yourself fixing up a house that you won't ever get to enjoy too. Too bad. I'm not sharing.

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