Friday, October 13, 2006


I have to amend my earlier ranting at my house's listing. The only one I saw that day was at one website. My house is listed at 2 additional websites and the other ones show pictures of our view. Still no good ones of the floor, but whatever. So anyway...

I talked to the housing office at our next duty station yesterday. No go there. There isn't a waiting list for the units we'd be living in but they only have 1080 sqft. WTF?!?! This is 3 bedroom, staff NCO housing. How in the world is anyone actually supposed to fit all of their stuff into that little itty bitty space?? The master bedroom is only slightly bigger than my kids' rooms right now. I'd be able to fit, bed in there and that's it. I guess that's the essential piece of furniture for a bedroom but we have clothes too. Geez! The kitchen I have now is smallish and not an eat-in kitchen at all. The kitchen in base housing is smaller than the one I have now and there is no room labeled as "dining room". Where are you supposed to eat? If it could have been just like the housing we had in San Diego it would have been perfect but it's missing a few hundred square feet. And the lady told me that the 4 bedroom houses have the SAME SQUARE FEET! How is that possible? Where did they put the fourth bedroom? I just don't know.

Did you all hear about the snow that Buffalo got last night?? I shouldn't laugh because my karma will come back around and get me but 2 feet in the second week of October is just funny. Now that I said that we'll probably get a massive snow storm the day we're supposed to move and get snowed in.

Last night's Grey's Anatomy was just kick ass as usual. I hope Mer sticks with McDreamy's decision. Nuff said.

I had more stuff to say but it all went out of my head. I haven't eaten yet today so that could be my problem. I'm gonna go find a late lunch.

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