Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I've been trying to think of something positive to post for days since I've been whining so much lately, but life keeps getting in the way.

Last night I happened to notice that MTV's True Life was on and the title of the episode was, "I'm a Civilian Again" so of course it caught my eye. It was a total mistake to watch it however. They profiled a kid from the Army National Guard who had lost his legs in the war and two Marines. The one Marine, it seemed as if they went in search of the biggest loser they could find to represent what life is like after the military. The guy couldn't manage to type up a resume, he was drunk almost 24/7, he got kicked out of one living situation and at the end of the show was getting ready to be evicted from another for excessive noise and one of his friends who had also gotten out of the Marines said that the military "breeds alcoholics". Geez! How one-sided can you get? The other Marine was living with his wife and baby in their parents' house until they could save up enough money to be out on their own. The only one that was making it on his own was the disabled Army guy and to be totally un-PC and insensitive, it was probably only because of the mega money he's bringing down from the government as a disabled Vet.

I understand that the media, television, news, and radio consist of mostly left-wing Liberals so True Life was naturally portraying the military and the war in the most negative way possible, but as a documentary-type show that is supposedly trying to educate young adults about different social issues, they should have had an obligation to tell all sides of the story. And I'm not saying that the military doesn't have it's share of losers and drunks but there are more losers and drunks who
aren't in the military. I'm also not saying that a lot of people have a hard time adjusting to civilian life. After all, if you've only been trained as a grunt, that doesn't translate to too many civilian jobs. But after having a husband who's been a recruiter for almost 3 years now, I happen to know that these kids, no matter what they say, know what they're getting into when they sign the contract.

I try very hard not to be political. Politics is frustrating, full of indecisiveness, deceit, and backstabbing. But this really made me angry and I knew I should've just watched
Miami Ink instead. I hardly watch MTV at all anymore since it totally sucks and they should take the "M" out of the name but after this, I'll probably stop watching it altogether. I'd rather watch HGTV anyway.

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