Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back to Normal

The parents left this morning. They're having to take a convoluted way back to Ohio because of all the winter weather so the trip is going to take them two days instead of one. We were all sad to see them go. Even Bailey and Hannah were a little more quiet than usual.

Tomorrow, the kids go to school and C goes back to work after his week off. I'm really looking forward to a bit or normal. Yay! I got caught up (mostly) on my blog reading tonight. So many blogs, so little time. Now, I'm off for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and my book.


  1. I hope they have a safe drive home.

    I am counting down the days until Friday when my vacation begins. Because of the way the holidays fall, I only need to take two days off from work to be off for 11 days. I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately for my husband, he isn't so lucky.

  2. I hope your folks have a safe trip home.

  3. Thanks LF and Pam.

    LF~~11 days off will be really nice for you. A vacation sounds great.


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