Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My house is a pleasant 70 degrees this morning. Ahhh.

I want the new Jack Johnson CD. iTunes has a preview of it and I likes. Too bad that it doesn't come out until February. It would have made a nice gift for me

C sold another cheesecake. Yeah, it's to a friend but that's how businesses start. She's coming by to pick it up this morning and I'm totally looking forward to the visit. I had the strangest dream that when I opened the box to show it to her, the cake was the thickness of a pizza. I tried passing it off to her that it was how cheesecakes were supposed to look, lol.

Christmas shopping is going the way that it normally does every year. I'm only about halfway done, nothing is wrapped, and I only have six shopping days left. If I didn't have kids, I wouldn't even bother. Isn't that horrible? The way I feel about 95% of the holidays, I sometimes think I was born into the wrong nationality or born out of time or something. I should've been a prehistoric woman.

Well, I gotsta run. Gotta get ready for my day.


  1. Tisha...finally someone who feels like I do. I so wouldn't bother with it either. I know it sounds horrible but all I want to do is be with my family, I hate the whole pressure of presents. I love to give presents, but it's just so chaotic. Does that makes sense?
    Yay for you having heat!

  2. Pam~~It does seem to be a bad thing to say out loud. It isn't exactly socially acceptable to not care for Christmas. If I could skip the whole preparation thing and just wake up on Christmas day to everything being done and taken care of, I'd like it. Present Pressure is the worst.


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