Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Wonderings

I have three things going on in my mind tonight. I'm going to blog about all of them for your reading pleasure. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

#1. The Mister and I decided that we are starting a new Christmas tradition in honor of one of the best Christmas movies ever made: A Christmas Story. For Christmas Eve dinner we got Chinese at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra! It's a fun, new tradition.

#2. I got several Merry Christmas text messages and a few Happy Holiday e-mails. I, being the biggest believer in technology and the Internet, saw nothing wrong with this and they made me smile. They did make me pause, however. This is the first year that I've ever gotten holiday text messages. It was a little strange. Any opinions?

#3. The kids were tasked with cleaning the kitchen this morning in preparation for our holiday baking. The oldest took out the trash. This is the result:

The left can clearly has bags in it. The right? Empty. She trooped the bag out the kitchen, out the side door, and around the shed, but couldn't manage to lift the lid and put the bag in the can. Her level of laziness astounds me.

Happy Christmas Eve and I'll see ya tomorrow.


  1. Chinese food on Christmas Eve sounds like a great new tradition!

    Holiday text messages? I don't think there's anything wrong with it, depending on who the messages are from. I've never gotten one, but I can see a couple of friends who probably would do it that way if they had my cell phone number. I think it would be odd for that cousin you never see and only hear from at Christmas to send you a message that way, but someone you know more personally, sure.

    Your daughter's take on her chore is quite funny. Not in the moment, I imagine, but funny from the outside looking in. :-) Did you make her go back and do it right?

    Enjoy the evening, Trisha, and I'll catch you tomorrow!

  2. Yeah. The Chinese was good. We'll def do it again next year. It also makes dinner easy with all the baking and Christmas dinner prep that we do.

    I feel basically the same way about the e-Christmas messages.

    The trash incident was pretty funny. She was not happy to learn that I blogged about it for strangers to read, lmao. It occurred to me that parents today have way more ways of embarrassing their kids than past generations did, heheh. And yes, we made her go out and put the bag in the can.

  3. Just for that... I will send you a Christmas text message first thing tomorrow. :)

    Maybe it is more personal than an e-mail, but less intrusive than a call. You don't have to interupt someone on their holiday and you can still let them know you're thinking about them.


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