Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Grinch Has Retreated **Updated x2**

I'm sitting here at my comp, enjoying my apple strudel Pop Tart, and freezing my tail off. It's only 63 degrees in my house and the heat hasn't turned off since yesterday. I'm going to call my heating and cooling guy today and ask if this is normal behavior for a brand new heat pump. If so, they suck and why do people use them.

I finished my Christmas shopping for the dogs yesterday. They're easy to buy for. Chew toys, treats, stuffed animals. They're happy dogs.

On today's agenda: Do some house work, hit the Starbucks for my fave pick-me-up, take my Frappuccino for a ride to do some Christmas shopping, mentally prepare myself for afternoon homework, and that's about it. I'll also probably fit in some game play time as well; slay some evil minions. Oh. And I'm also going to start Five Quarters of the Orange today as well. It's not a jam-packed day but it's enough to keep my mind busy.


No, it isn't normal for the heater to have been on for 36 hours straight and for it to only be 62 degrees in the house. Yes. It went down a degree since I posted this morning. (It's 8:15 am EST as I type this update.)
As a result, I can't go anywhere today after all because I have to wait for the heating and air dudes to show up to figure out what's wrong. The guy said they'd been fielding repair calls since 7 am this morning. Fun times.

**Update #2**

It's now 11:30 and the repair guy just left. He said our unit was two pounds short on freon and the thermostat was wired wrong so that the heat strips weren't coming on. I HAVE HEAT!! We didn't really notice that the heat wasn't working properly before because it hasn't been very cold. This morning, however, it was only 24 degrees and we noticed the cold, lol.

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  1. jeez...glad you were able to get it fixed!


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