Monday, December 17, 2007

Make Up Your Own Title

Do you go through phases where you're online a lot and then you're not at all? I haven't been online too much lately doing my "normal" thing: blogging, reading blogs, attending to the book group, Pogo, Myspace, etc., and I'm not in the mood to do these things. Blogging is taking extra effort. I think I'm getting burned out on it. Blogging for two months straight is surely enough to burn someone out, right? I haven't even been watching a lot of tv either which is unusual for me.

I finished reading Chocolat (which I liked despite the ending) today and I've been reading W&P off and on.

I'm also stressing about Christmas. Buying for the kids was a lot simpler when their list consisted of dolls and crayons. Now they want iPods, Wii's, and DS's. Ugh.

I'm also being bogged down by things that aren't suitable for public consumption. This makes it really hard to come up with mundane, everyday-type things to say. I'm not the sort of person that can compartmentalize. When I'm upset or stressed, it dominates my life. I can't shove it into a corner and ignore it. I wish I could. This is probably why I have health issues at my age.

I'm tired, my dog is snoring, and I'm going to bed.


  1. Maybe you need a break from blogging? Take a week off at the beginning of the year if you can't do it now because of the Holidailies. I go through phases like that too, where everything seems to come at me at once and my interest in the computer, TV, letter writing, or what have you wans. So, I sympathize. :-S

  2. Make Up Your Own Title huh? I call this one Grinch Poster. lol :)

    Did your parents make it home okay?

  3. LF~~A break is definitely in my future. I want to finish Holidailies first though.

    Jennifer~~I knew you'd be able to come up with a suitable title.

    I haven't heard from my parents yet. They should've made it home yesterday. I'm going to call this afternoon to see if they made it. I'm sure they did though because my sister hasn't called me.

  4. Well, I kinda know how you feel.But I too want to complete Holidailies and then in January I am taking a break and only writing if I really feel like it.

    Let me know about your parents. My mom asked. She said she was watching a football game and it looked nasty there.


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