Saturday, December 29, 2007

Glad to See You're Still Here

My blog posts have been less than stellar lately. I've been occupied with other things to be honest. The holidays haven't made it any easier either. Lucky for you all, we don't celebrate New Years. So, what's been going on?

Well, like I said yesterday, I finished another book. I've been wracking my brain with something to say about it but it was so in depth and involved that I can't figure out how to summarize it. Read it for yourselves, lol. ;)

I've also been delving into the online gaming world. I'm a nerd. I've never denied this. The hubby and I have been playing two different games together. It's our couple time, heheh. Since they are addictive, we haven't been doing much else.

Today, a couple that we are friends with offered to take our kids for the night. I love my kids, but WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Do you know the last time both of my kids were gone overnight at the same time?? Neither do I!!!!!!!!! It's been, at the very least, a year. The hubby and I don't have any big plans tonight. We might go for a walk on the beach...alone, hehehehehehhe. It is, after all, 77 degrees out. Oh, and we're going to take down our Christmas stuff today too. I usually wait until the 1st but this weather isn't going to hold out and it's much nicer to take down your outside decorations when you're not freezing your butt off at the same time.

I also forgot to relate the happenings of formatting my computer the other day. Weird stuff happened that I've never had happen before on a reformat. After I reinstalled Windows, I had these rolling line deals going down my screen. That was nice. Turns out it was a resolution issue. Then, I couldn't figure out who manufactured my sound card so I didn't have sound for a bit, heheh. I remembered to back up my music files, my picture files, and my documents. Then, I exported my favorites and forgot to back them up. Real smart. I lost all my saved favorite websites. Big bummer. I also forgot to back up my address book so I lost quite a few e-mail addresses. What can I say? I can't remember everything. BUT! My computer is working much better now and I no longer desire to put a hammer through it or toss it off the roof. You take the good with the bad.

And those are the highlights. Nothing spectacular. Nothing really all that interesting. I'm not a mover and a shaker. I'm sure something horrible will happen for New Years that I'll be able to post about that will entertain.


  1. What nice friends you have! Enjoy your your free night away from the children. :-)

    I am glad your computer is working better now.

    My husband's been spending lots of his free computer time gaming. It works well when I am reading or blog hopping or visiting my yahoo groups. He keeps trying to talk me into joining him, but I'd be so lost. I can do simple games that are repetitive and not overly complex, but the adventuring games tend to be a little too much for my small brain.

  2. LUCKY! I haven't been away from both of my kids at the same time for more than a few hours in over a year.

    Have fun with your games. :)

  3. Lf~~Do you Pogo? It seems like that would appeal to you if you don't like adventuring games.

    Jennifer~~We take the time when we can get it. You know what it's like not living near family. And we're having TOO much fun with our games, heheh.


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