Friday, December 14, 2007

Family + Holidays = No Time

I had family arrive from Ohio yesterday. I'm exhausted, tired, worn out, sleepy, etc. If it weren't for Holidailies, I wouldn't even be posting right now. As it is, I'm way behind on my blog reading.

Yesterday, we got Sonic for dinner. They don't have very many of those in Ohio and there aren't any nearby our families so it's a treat.

Today, we went to the beach and gathered bags fulls of shells. Then, we had lunch/dinner at this neat restaurant that overlooks the ocean. We watched dolphins play in the surf while we waited on our food. How cool is that? After that, we did some Christmas shopping because we're having an early Christmas tomorrow. The rest of tonight we're going to watch Christmas movies until the kids go to bed and then we're going to wrap presents and put them under the tree for tomorrow.

So, in spite of being tired, I'm having a fantastic time.


  1. It sounds like you had a very nice day, Trisha. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. hey sounds like great fun. We do have a sonic in troy now i have yet to visit it but they just built it by meijers!!!yeah for us!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like fun in spite of you being exhausted...especially after exam week! I never really thought about there not being many Sonics elsewhere. Seems like there is one on every corner here. haha.

  4. LF~~Thanks and we did!

    Jennifer~~You should go. Their chili, cheese fries are the best.

    Pam~~Being tired is no big deal when we're having such a great time.

    We had a Sonic right across the street from us in Pensacola (in 1998), which is the first time I'd ever had it. Then in San Diego (99-03), the closest one to us was in Anaheim. Then in Vermont (04-06), they didn't have any ANYwhere but VT didn't have anything anyway. So, living near one again almost ten years later is fun times for all, lol.


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