Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Sunday

I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Today, we hit the commissary for Christmas dinner stuff and enough food to get us through the holiday. I was shocked at the lack of people there too. Usually around holidays (and during hurricanes) the commissary is packed but it wasn't this morning. Maybe going during church hours is the trick.

Tonight's plans are dinner, gift wrapping, and slaying some evil beasts with my minions. Fun times, right?

Oh. And yesterday I finished Five Quarters of the Orange. Excellent read. It was about sadness and hope, love and hate, mothers and their children. It was one of those books that I was sorry to see it end. When I came to the part in the story where the purpose of the title is revealed, it was like, "OH! That makes perfect sense." It's a great title. This is the second Joanne Harris book that I've read and I'm already convinced of her skills as a storyteller. I hope that I can find time in all of my reading challenges to fit in another of her novels.


  1. I hope you have a nice evening, Trisha! I haven't yet read a Joanne Harris novel, but I have Gentleman and Players somewhere to read. I'll have to add Five Quarters of the Orange to my wish list.

  2. Oh, that sounds like a good book!

  3. LF and Pam~~It was SUCH a good book. You guys should read it when you get the chance.


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