Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've been seeing this topic pop up a lot lately around the blogs and message boards that I read. Since I have my fair share of obsessions, I thought it could be a fun topic to discuss. Here are my obsessions/compulsions in no particular order.

1. My DVD shelves. My DVD's have to be in alphabetical order and perfectly aligned with the edge of the shelf. If they aren't, I think about straightening them out constantly until I can't resist anymore and get up to fix them.

2. My book collections. I read J.D. Robb's In Death series. It honestly drives me nutso that she released the first 16 or so straight to paperback and the rest went straight to hardcover. Why? Because now my books don't match. In order to have them all match I would have to re-buy the last 7 and how ever many more of them she plans on writing because I can't wait for them to come out in paperback. I pre-order them so that I get them from Barnes and Noble the day they're released. I'm the same way with Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I waited MONTHS for #12 to come out in paperback so that all of her books would match. I totally get how insane this makes me sound. Oh. And this is why I didn't order the special edition last Harry Potter book. If I had done that, the last book wouldn't match the first 6.

3. This is a little Sleeping with the Enemy, but my canned goods are organized by type and all face the same direction in my cupboards. More Sleeping with the Enemy, all of my bath towels are folded the same way and in the same direction so that they look nice in the linen closet. (Who the hell sees my towels in the linen closet but my family???)

4. Blogging. I've blogged about my blogging obsession before. Since taking my Creative Writing class, I'm choosing to look at this as that I'm thinking like a writer. A writer is constantly looking at the world around them for ideas and subjects to write about. So there. Also, I use my blog as a form of communication.

5. The weather. I check the weather obsessively. Down here in N.C. it's probably a good thing. At least I'll see the hurricane coming, lol.

6. The Internet. I'd be completely lost without my Internet connection. I bank online, shop online, make appointments online, play games online, go to school online, order dinner online, and most importantly, I keep in touch online. The best way to get a hold of me is to send me an e-mail. Between e-mail, chat, and my blog, I feel like I keep in touch with people. This is probably why I never call anybody. Have you ever seen The Net? Yeah.

7. Driving. I have so many driving obsessions. They annoy me the most so I don't want to talk about it.

8. Being old. Turning 30 this year is really bothering me. And it bothers me that it bothers me. It shouldn't matter. The only difference between 29 and 30 is a day but I feel like my life is going to end on Saturday.

9. Being sick. I worry about having illnesses like so many in my family that it's probably going to end up killing me, lol. Back in VT, I should have been on high blood pressure meds but I felt like that would have been the first step to filling my medicine cabinet with every medication known to man and refused them. When I get bronchitis, I refuse to go to the doctor until C forces me to. Then the doctor yells at me for not having come in weeks ago. I like to hold out that whatever's wrong with me will just go away on its own. Is this the opposite of being a hypochondriac?

10. Bugs. I worry constantly about having bugs in my house. I hate them. In Florida we had roaches (thanks to our nasty neighbors), in Cali we had ants, and in VT we had earwigs. Bugs do not belong in houses. As long as they stay outside, they're fine by me. It's a big concern here in N.C. Down here, roaches are a way of life.

11. Having obsessions. I obsess about my obsessions. I worry that one day I'll be like those people you see on tv and they'll end up controlling my life. I really don't see that coming since I have amazing self control, but you never know.

Go ahead and judge me. I fully admit that I should be committed. But isn't it fun to talk about it?


  1. my little obsessions are called being "organized" its nice and neatly stated!!!! however thogh the book thing is kinda "Really" weird. oh well . 30 doesnt sound like fun to me either!!

  2. Don't worry... 30 won't kill you. You may be a little crazy, but it's all part of your charm.

    I have my own crazies...

    I can only make certain food with other certain foods. (Fish sticks go with mac and cheese, ect.)

    I check to make sure the door is locked several times before I go to bed and will not sleep unless I am sure it is locked.

    I am with you on internet dependance.

    As for the rest of your obsessions, I don't judge... I laugh. LOL :)

  3. To Jennifer that I call Jenny: Organized and obsessive compulsive are in the same family, lol.

    To Jennifer that I call Jennifer:
    But you're laughing with me not at me, right??

    And it's nice to know that I'm not alone. Although, I already knew I was rowing down Crazy River with the two of you. ;)

  4. Always with you... as I am just as nuts... laughing at you would be like the pot calling the kettle black wouldn't it?


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