Monday, June 04, 2007

Where's My Excedrin?

The world is a sad, sad place when the top headlines this morning are all about Paris Hilton going to jail. I'm not exactly in the best of moods since I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and her face and all the boo hoo headlines are not what I want to see.

Whoa! My computer just did the weirdest thing. It made this strange noise and then shut down and restarted. These are the times when I appreciate Blogger's automatic save feature, lol. I wonder what in the world happened.

Anyway, I have a full and busy week ahead of me. TONS of school work to do. I have to write 8 different poems for English and I have a research assignment for Business due this week and a paper due for my mythology class too. M has a big field trip tomorrow to N.C.'s Outter Banks. She'll be gone all day and we have all sorts of things to do for it tonight. She'll actually be sleeping over at a friends house with 3 other girls so that the one mom will take them all to the school at 6:45 tomorrow morning. I could kiss her for offering to take all those girls overnight. Then, she has another field trip on Wednesday where they will be riding their bikes to downtown New Bern to a park. I have a parent/teacher conference for S after school today. The last day of school is Thursday and they only have half a day. And I have to fit in the bills, grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc. somewhere in the middle of all that.

And now it's 8:00 and it's time for me to get to work.


  1. im really tired of hearing about the darn homework. i take a break from mine to get ol line to check mail, the blog, and a few other things and i read about your homework and i feel guilty for taking a break from mine (i to have entirely to much to handle) so i unwilling to go back to mine! lol however it might also be a good thing cause its a constant reminder .

  2. Hey. It's not my fault you have no self-discipline. ;)


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