Monday, June 11, 2007


  • I don't feel like forming complete paragraphs today.
  • In addition to the glass I still have in my foot, my ear was bleeding. It's all a sign that I'm old.
  • I like Keith and the Girl, but not this much: Tattoo.
  • Did you know that Subway has more shops than McDonalds does but McDonalds makes more money?
  • How can so many people make buying a house sound like it's as easy and simple as buying a Snickers bar?
  • We got Cars, Peter Pan, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in the mail today. Woohoo!
  • We're getting the new MS Office Enterprise 2007 for less than $100. Heheheheheh! And no, we're not stealing or pirating it.
  • I wish all the Sopranos headlines would stop giving away what happened in the finale. I can't watch it yet.

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